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Floating Center

Floating has proven to be one of the most effective ways
to take our health in hand

Stress and pain reduction

Body regeneration

Mental strengthening

Experience zero gravity
in a cosy salty bath at body temperature
to achieve deep relaxation and disconnect

Discover the wonderful

benefits of floating

Deep Relaxation

  • Reduce stress radically
  • Release headaches
  • Ease back-pains
  • Catch up lack of sleep
  • Sleep better every night
  • Ideal during pregnancy

Ultimate Recovery

  • Ease physical pains
  • Release muscles tensions
  • Articulations & joints
  • Sport & injury recovery
  • Magnesium absorption
  • Recover from Jet-lag

Full Potential

  • Increase clarity & focus
  • Boost memory
  • Emotional balance
  • Fabulous for creativity
  • Develop Self-confidence
  • Rejuvenate & Age with Grace

” This is amazing! Everyone should do it. ” 


is it ideal for?

Stressed people

Top performers




Pregnant women

Tired parents

People suffering from anxiety


Detox & weight-loss

Physical pains


Relax. Improve your wellbeing. 

Elevate your life experience.

your treat


experience (90min) CHF 130

3 floats for CHF 350 (CHF 390)
10 floats for CHF 1’050 (CHF 1’300)

FLOAT 60′ 

experience (90min) CHF 130

3 floats for CHF 350 (CHF 390)
10 floats for CHF 1’050 (CHF 1’300)


experience (90min) CHF 188


3 floats for CHF 511 (CHF 564)

Deep Regeneration

experience (3h) CHF 235

This package offers you the very best of cellular detoxification, nutrition, immune system and metabolism boost, as well as body & mind regeneration.

1 solo float session
1 infrared sauna “Iyashi Dome”
1 oxygen therapy “Bol d’Air Jacquier”
1 healthy drink
– 3h –

Iyashi Dome + Tanita Scale

experience (60min) CHF 100

This state of the art sauna is particularly efficient to help you detox at a cellular level.

3 sessions for CHF 280  (CHF 300)
10 sessions for CHF 880 (CHF 1’000)

Bol d’Air Jacquier

session (3min) : CHF 10

Fantastic treatment that boost oxygen transportation thanks pine essential oils terpenes.

3 sessions for CHF 25  (CHF 30)
10 sessions for CHF 70  (CHF 100)

Infinity Floating

CHF 2’442
or CHF 210 /month

Each month: 2 solo floats, 2 Bol d’Air Jacquier and 2 healthy drinks
Valid for 12 months and transferable


Ultimate Tranquility

CHF 4’848
or CHF 410 /month

Each month: 2 Ultimate Namaka (2 solo floats, 2 Iyashi, 2 Bol d’Air Jacquier and 2 healthy drinks)
Valid for 12 months and transferable

Coaching & Massages

Discover the perfect combo

Our heart-picked therapists are gifted and at your service to make you feel amazing from the inside out!

Book your treatment before or after your float for the deepest healing experience.




If you would like to complement your experience with a massage before or after your session, please contact us.


Special discounts

You are over 65 years old…

……and are looking for a method to naturally reduce arthritis and joint pain. We offer you the following discounts:

For Floating (solo or duo) and Iyashi
Single session -15%
Multi-pack (3x) -5%

Special discounts

You are a student…

…and look for optimized exam preparation and recovery ? We are offering the following discounts:

For Floating (solo or duo) and Iyashi
Single session -15%
Multi-pack (3x) -5%

Give the gift of…

…the ultimate relaxation!

Floating is relaxing, fun and an ideal gift to offer a little serenity. We live in turbulent times… uncertain times. What could be more beautiful than to offer a pure moment of relaxation… a moment of intense relaxation… a healthy and full of life interlude.

Thank you for making the decision
to take care of yourself.


We are delighted to accompany you on your path

to a vibrant health and true lasting well-being.
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What they say
about us

I often enjoy being alone. Floating is the best space to be alone where no one and nothing could disturb you at all. Total espace. That's why I love floating!

Galina I.Mother & Wellness specialist

My daily challenge is to take care best of my 2 young kids, work long hours and stay sharp, alive and healthy 🙂 The magic of floating is that it's the most efficient way i found to eliminate stress, recharge my batteries effortlessly, weightlessly and be at my best.

Nicolas G.Father, Business Executive

For me, floating is a tool that helped me still my mind. Once I was going through a strong period of anxiety and after just a few sessions I could feel it dissipate. Since then, whenever I get an opportunity to float, I can feel myself getting excited and prepared for another adventure!

Nick M.Float enthusiast

J'adore flotter car c'est un moment intime et profond avec moi même. Le fait de pouvoir tout lâcher, la détente fabuleuse vécue est un cadeau très précieux. Je l'utilise pour faire le bilan et planter les graines pour le nouveau chapitre. Quand je sors d'un float je me sens profondément ressourcer et régénérer.

SimonaTherapist , Social Entrepreneur and Musician. As Namaka Medicine Women she takes care of the Garden, Therapy Room and team spirit

It was amazing! Everyone should do it!

Vanessa S.Wellness advocate & Health Counsellor

Being a dad, entrepreneur and coach my life is intense. I know nothing better than floating to disconnect my mind, charge my battery and feeling focused, rested and ready to rock again! I LOVE TO FLOAT! One of my favorite wellness and performance habits.

Max PiccininiFamous Business & Life Coach

I work a lot. I go out a lot. I train a lot. I travel a lot. Floating is simply the most efficient way I've found to regenerate. I feel so good after floating it's extraordinary! I reach levels of Presence -in just 90min in the middle of a bustling city- that takes me days of silent meditation otherwise. Discovering floating was one of the best thing that happened to me so I wanted to share it with everyone.

Antoine M.Experience Architect. Social Entrepreneur & Consultant. Namaka Co-Founder. Nomadshala Co-Founder

Un moment de floating, c'est un cadeau pour soi. Pour retrouver son énergie, son moral, sa concentration, son esprit... se retrouver!

Dominique BD.Career Reinventor - Executive Mentoring - Business transformation through People solutions - Board member

Floating is one of the best things I have ever discovered to treat myself or whenever I feel stressed out or tensed. It’s beyond amazing and it's really a powerful mental and physical tool to be at your best.

Alexandre W.Freelance CMO & Namaka Partner