Spring detox – 10 day to boost Your vitality


I propose a 10-day detox program, to connect with your body and its needs, to put in place healthy habits that will bring you more vitality and physical and mental clarity. It is important to do a detox at each change of season to release toxins and allow the body to rest and regenerate, to enter the spring and summer season with new energy and in great shape.

Reservations – For more information & registration:
+41 79 870 70 10



đŸ’Ŧ 2 private meetings with me, before you start and at the end of the 10 days. This will be via zoom or face to face.

💌 Emails with diet recipes and tips to make this detox successful.

🧘 4 yoga sessions live or by zoom + 2 videos to follow at home.

🙏 1 meditation that will accompany you during the 10 days process.

🍹 1 detox herbal blend to drink as an herbal tea. 1 ayurvedic massage (optional).

đŸ”Ĩ 1 Iyashi Dome session, which is a Japanese infrared sauna in Namaka (optional).


So, you join me in this adventure to
boost your vitality and release the toxins accumulated during the winter?

Rates :

🏷ī¸ Basic option: all included CHF 240

🏷ī¸ Full option: all included + 1 Iyashi session + 1 massage CHF 460

🏷ī¸ Full detox option: all included + 3 sessions of Iyashi + 1 massage CHF 640

Possibility to pay in 2 times if needed.