Ready for a new chapter in your life?

Free your emotional baggage! Find motivation, confidence, lightness, clarity and energy for your new start!

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Mental, Emotional and Physical Well-being for High Performance and Leadership



CHF 1’350
Duration : 3 month

💧6 floating sessions (2x per month)

💪 3 personal coaching sessions (Skype) with a certified coach (1x per month)

💻 Access to the platform and the dedicated online programme of Max Piccinini (1 video per week)

🏁 1 challenge per week to surpass yourself and break your limits!

Ready for your new chapter? Free your emotional baggage!
Find motivation, confidence, lightness, clarity and the energy you need for your new start!

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Transform your life

Reach your objectives

Live your full potential

“Giving people the space, perspective and tools for a fresh start”.

Who is Max Piccinni ?

Max Piccinini is a best-selling author and internationally renowned coach. Expert in Leadership and Success Strategies, Master Coach Trainer, he has already accompanied more than 150,000 people in more than 25 countries around the world and reaches more than 2 million people on social networks every month.

He welcomes thousands of people each year during his seminars and has already trained hundreds of Excellence Coaches to create a rapid and lasting impact through his coaching method.

Max has appeared on France 2, BFM TV, Forbes, France Inter, etc… and his passion is to help people get rid of their inner brakes and allow them to experience a life that resonates with their aspirations. You are in good hands to take your results to the next level!

Shatter your limits, boost your performance and create the life you want and deserve… NOW!


Floating is the best space to be alone where no one and nothing could disturb you at all. Total silence. That's why I love floating!

GalinaWellness specialist

I truly believe that world would be a much more peaceful and kinder place if most people floated at least once a week. To say that floating is a powerful tool to me would be an underestimation. I float to access the realm of magic and to not get drawn in the realm of logic.

AnnaCo-founder at Namaka

My daily challenge is to take care best of my 2 young kids, work long hours and stay sharp, alive and healthy 🙂 The magic of floating is that it's the most efficient way i found to eliminate stress, recharge my batteries effortlessly, weightlessly and be at my best.

NicolasFather & Business Executive

For me, floating is a tool that helped me still my mind. Once I was going through a strong period of anxiety and after just a few sessions I could feel it dissipate. Since then, whenever I get an opportunity to float, I can feel myself getting excited and prepared for another adventure!